2.0 teaser review

Shankar’s 2.0 teaser was unveiled in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages yesterday at 9:00 am, A few months ago a leaked version of this trailer hit the internet, the current trailer released by Lyca is the original version. Lets analyze the teaser inch by inch.

The teaser which is close to 1 minute shows what is in store from 2.0 team, going by the looks there is huge amount of scope for VFX with 75 million riding on it. The cellphones that flow out of nowhere appears to hint that the movie is not just another scifi, but has an alien connection to it. Akshay kumar is the crow king who seems to behind the entire fiasco. Chitti looks to be the savior of the world, that in a nutshell is 2.0.

The VFX appears good although it looks paramount and better when watched in 3D in select theatres than watching it on youtube on your mobile. Rajini’s end note as “Cuckoo” is easily the highlight as it takes us back to 2010 Chitti’s evil days. Overall, 2.0 teaser has evoked a mixed response for being average in fulfilling expectations but high on the quality.