For the lovers of star wars!!


Had George Lucas not been there we wouldn’t have had such an eye treat of the
creativity, the visuals, the creation of characters and the advance technology that we
got to see in all episodes.
Hats off to him and his imagination!!
Star wars series has had always enticed me for the amalgamation of ancient modes of
communication like telepathy, telekinesis etc. with the then distant future advancement
in telecommunications that may have not been evangelized by anyone back then in 70s.
The visuals and technology advancement shown especially in the latest episode 3d
version of "The Last Jedi " made me feel almost negligible about self while watching the
movie. Where have those mind creatures evolved!!
The Last Jedi does bring up things about previous star wars stories. Yes, space politics.
With the hope of learning the Jedi tactics, Rey meets Luke. On the other hand Kylo
wants Rey to join the dark Force but Rey also insists and lures Kylo to be a Jedi. The
interaction of Rey with Kylo using dynamics that brings them into the same optical and
psychological space irrespective of being at different extremes of two different galaxies
was a bit unlike star wars.
Three sub-plots running parallel yet so connected. Not a single moment one feels that
the movie should rush forward. But somewhere one may feel that the Finn and Rose's
little subplot was not necessary.
The battle on the mineral planet was eyes treat.
This movie should definitely be dedicated to Carry Fisher who played Princess Leia.
Carry Fisher died last year December after completing most of her shots for this movie
and the rest of the shots replaced her with animated version of hers.
Visuals were outstanding. This level and may be a little higher is expected from Disney.
Rian Johnson has proved his knack for filming terrific action movie.
All the actors did complete justice to their roles.
Daisy Ridley (Rey) – a dramatic actress was terrific in action sequence.
Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was truly magnificent. Every single scene with him was
Adam Driver played Kylo Ren- a compelling and conflicted character(villain) with a deep
seated emotion. The character yet needs a lot to be explored as it’s a conflicted one.
The movie is a Super entertainment.