More Mass, less entertainment

Seema Raja is Siva Karthikeyan’s next with Ponram. The actor who has been a role has slowly but steadily been rising up to match everybody’s expectation. Ponram-Soori-Siva-Imman combo has worked brilliantly in the past, however this time the movie certainly gives you a feel of “Been there, done that” feel. Working their way out on a masala flick that has so many resemblances to the past is one of Seema Raja’s biggest weakness, still it should do the trick with B & C centers pretty well for its multi starer cast and colorfulness.

Siva is in his usual role, that of a no good fellow who roams with his friend Soori and of course he seem never to let go of stalking. In such a time when celebrities start campaigning against stalking, abuse and women sentiment, the exploitation of running behind is still in an enigma in Kollywood. He desperately tries various costumes to woo Samantha who has a good silambam scene that brings a round of applause from the audience. Soori’s six pack scene has been handled well, its surprising and refreshing take on comedy and reality. While this is happening else where is Simran and her husband who continue loot people out of their living daylights. How Siva and Soori tackle, wretch out of the cat and mouse game forms Seema Raja.

Seema Raja has very good production values, good and experienced team, niche marketing, colorful cinematography and Imman backing a good BGM. But what it lacks is the same amount of entertainment that it had in VVS and Rajini Murugan. With Siva’s rise as a mass hero, the producers, director and everyone seem to mostly concentrate on hero upliftment rather than use their brains on tick marking the entertainment factor. The comedy portion between Soori & Siva is intact, chemistry is good, but is it enough? Simran as the villain is powerful, although her voice is comical; solely for the reason that we have never seen the actress yell, mostly as a soft spoken person. Imman’s music surprisingly too concentrates more on mass rather than his usual soulful melody.

Capitalizing on current trend is easily a director’s strength, Seema Raja has a lot in store for farmers, Tamil upliftment and some lectures on our culture; which is pretty good. Two surprising factors – Keerthy Suresh’s cameo and the historical portion are slick, but they come at a time when the screenplay is already in the back seat, could have dealt in a better way.

Overall Seema Raja though lacks the entertainment quotient that the team had in the previous movies still is a decent watch.