Perils of Chicken Consumption – Shocking findings


A recent investigative report by The Hindu has come out with shocking reports on how chicken consumption are making antibiotics on human body totally ineffective. Read on to know how.

1. Most of India’s poultry farms owned by corporate companies have poor sanitation and maintenance.

2. Sanitation and maintenance according to regulatory standards will require additional investment in the form of design improvement and staff augmentation. Companies are not willing to increase spending for sanitation and have found out cheaper ways to achieve their ends.

3. Poor sanitation leads to bacterial or viral attacks on the hens and chickens and increases risk of fatalities. Hence companies have resorted to employing drugs known as ‘last line antibiotics’. 

4. Last line antibiotics are drugs which are used on terminally ill patients who have very less chances of survival owing to viral and bacterial diseases. These antibiotics are extremely effective since these are used vert rarely and the bacteria cannot find means to counter them instabtly.

5. Usage of these antibiotics on chickens indiscriminately has given successful results prolonging the lives of chickens. The impact of microbe infested poultry farms on the health of chickens are effectively being neutralised by the usage of last line antibiotics. These antibiotics are extremely cheap.

6. As a result, the chickens nourished by these antibiotics attain very fine levels of growth and reach the markets very soon.

7. These antibiotics during consumption of chicken, enter into human bodies. Over the last few years, chicken consumption has proliferated and a very large section of population have started consuming poultry products. 

8. As a result, these antibiotics, having been rare all these days, are becoming no longer effective on microbe infections. A recent study has found that some forms of bacteria have developed ‘antibiotic resistant’ genes by being in contact with these ubiquitous antibiotics.

9. Some doctors in Kerala have complained that many antibiotics are becoming totally useless against bacterial and viral diseases. 

10. Scientists and medical communities are warning that indiscriminate usage of antibiotics on poultry products will soon lead to a state where we can no longer fight microbial infections. This might lead to a lot of human deaths and waste of public money. 

11. Many nations in Europe have woken up to this danger and have reduced antibiotic administration on chickens considerably. 

12. Corporate farms in India supplying chicken to the domestic market and also to fast food chains like KFC, McDonald’s have not responded to these allegations properly. It looks like neither the government nor the producers are willing to prioritize people over profit. It is high time, consumers wake up to this danger and spread awareness.